Optimizing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness using a personalized approach rooted in bioindividuality, genetics and metaphysics.

Everyone is so different.  What works for one person does not work another. 


It's time to STOP following other's people's plans.

Discover what is BEST for YOU by understanding YOU.

We are born unique.  We all have a different journey.  We all have different genetic blueprints.  We have different upbringings and life situations.  We have different exposures to toxins and traumas.  This all plays into your unique wellness code.  Nothing that you were born with or experienced has to create your destiny. The genetic code you were born with isn’t everything, but it’s the first thing.  Wellness includes but is not limited to: physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, mental health and financial health.  It is all related.  Often physical health problems are caused by imbalances in other areas of health.  In order to heal the root cause, a 360 Holistic approach is needed.  This starts with understanding your unique wellness code.  This includes genetics, health history, past experiences, human design, astrology and more. Once we realize what our code is, we can live in flow and optimize our health, wellness and happiness.



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Discover how to rebalance your body and optimize wellness

Through nutrition genetic testing, we can give you information on how your body processes macros (carbs, protein, fats) so you know what diet is most beneficial to support your body FOREVER.  This testing can also uncover susceptibilities to an unfavorable stress response, poor detoxification, poor methylation, limited oxidation and more.  You will also understand how to best exercise for your genetic blueprint and recover.  Finally, you will know what supplements you actually need to take and how they help to counteract any deficiencies and/or susceptibilities.    This state of the art testing allows for strategies to properly rebalance the body through diet, supplementation, lifestyle modifications that are specific to you.

Understanding certain aspects of your human design can tell you how to best use your energy, generally how you should look at fueling yourself,  if you need to be on particular eating schedule, what your eating sense is, and what environment is best for your digestion.

Tapping into your Akashic records can answer questions about what to eat more of, what supplements you might need, and the meaning behind any health ailments.  

Reiki and energy work can determine which chakras (energy centers are blocked) and how that may correlate to physical ailments.

All of these modalities are combined to create a personalized wellness plan.  Detoxes, gut health, immune support and hormone balancing strategies are also utilized.  Mindset work is also used to get to the root of any potential food, exercise, etc. programming issues that are keeping you from being consistent and following through.

The goal is to use a holistic 360 approach to get you to have the health and strength you desire in an efficient manner.  Ultimately, your health and wellness will be effortless and intuitive.




Using Your Unique Wellness Code to live in flow

What I've learned from being in the medical field for close to 20 years is that most illness, fatigue and/or health issues is a result of stress and/or living out of alignment.

Most of what I help long term clients with is decreasing stress.  This often means looking at their lifestyle and making changes.  

Change is really difficult.  It can feel unsafe and really scary.

However, utilizing tools like astrology, astrocartography, human design, Akashic records etc. can show you what your unique blueprint is, how your should show up in the world, how to utilize your energy.  Most people are far away from their authentic selves because of programming from childhood (from family, school and society in general) and traumatic experiences.  The above tools can show you the blueprint of your authentic self.  Other tools that work on subconscious reprogramming through money mindset work, inner child work and shadow work help to dissolve any limiting beliefs holding you back.

These tools and doing this work is the quickest, most efficient way to make big changes that work for you.  I help people through major life transitions through an 8 week 1:1 program.


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