There are so many options in the health and wellness space- most of it being conflicting.  Feeling good, looking good and living a happy and fulfilling life takes a 360 approach optimizing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.  

Getting to know your unique wellness code through genetic testing & nutrigenomics, human design, astrology & discovering your limiting beliefs is the most efficient approach that yields lasting results. Science meets spirituality.

About Erin & discovering your unique wellness codes 

Erin combines 20 years of educations and experience in biochemistry, medicine, holistic health and clinical genetics with spiritual & energetic principles and her intuitive abilities.  

She discovered through her own personal health crisis that there is not a "one size fits all" solution to healing health issues and optimizing health. Most disease is a result of living out of alignment.  Erin uses an arsenal of tools to guide people back into alignment so that they can live happy and healthy lives.



We are born unique.  We all have a different journey.  We all have different genetic blueprints.  We have different upbringings and life situations.  We have different exposures to toxins and traumas. 


This all plays into your unique wellness code and personalized wellness plan. 




Work with me

There are multiple ways to work with me depending on your needs. I believe that a lasting change usually happens through long term guidance and partnership.  This is how you can dig deep and embody your new lifestyle. 3-6 month programs are by application only and include a discovery call.

For those of you just looking to sample offerings or start small, I have also created offerings for you. You can book below automatically.


Total Transformation

Six Month all-inclusive access

For the person who wants to transform their health, lifestyle, career, and understand themselves completely.  Weekly 60-90 minute calls.  Includes all offerings and bonuses

Transition Program

Three Month all-inclusive access

For the person who wants to transition their health, lifestyle, career, and/or understand themselves completely.  Weekly 60-90 minute calls.  Includes all offerings.

Nutrition and Genetics

Expert Level

For the person who wants to understand their nutrigenomics and have accountability making changes.  Five total 60-90 minute calls. 



One hour appointment to discuss health baseline.  This may also be used to review genetic results AFTER a health consult has occurred.


Records Reading

One hour to google the Universe and ask questions of your Akashic Records.  Instructions and sample questions sent before phone appointment.




Spiritual Toolbox

Learn how to develop your own personalized spiritual practice and receive a foundational human design and astrology reading


Contact Us

Contact with questions about scheduling


Questions?  Contact me at Erin@uniquewellnesscodes.com

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