Spiritual Blueprint

Learn how to support your unique body by understanding and implementing human design, natal chart astrology, energy healing, inner child work, shadow work, and guidance from your Akashic Records

This 6 month program is for people looking for deep into inner work and understanding themselves and how to optimize their own energy.


You will learn your basic Human Design and HD Health system which shows you how you best utilize energy, take in information and so much more. You will learn your natal chart and see energetics in a different way and where you might have a harder time with habits and/or change.

In addition, you will get insight from your Akashic Records on where you might be blocked, what needs to be healed and other insightful shortcuts to help rewire your brain and create sustainable habits.  You will also receive energy clearing, healing, chakra balance and your own energetic assessment.  The Records will show you how to continue to clear any stored emotions or energy and give you a personalized energetic practice.

The more you take action everyday to embody these changes, the more efficient and easy the process will be leading to transformation and magic.  


Ultimately, you will learn about yourself, understand yourself and take this information with you the rest of your life.  


Includes 6 appointments with client inner work and processing in between.  Minimum of 4 hours a week of work, integration and processing on your own. 


* To study energetics deeper and learn Reiki and how to read Akashic Records, this Spiritual Blueprint must be completed first, or you can choose a 6 month track which includes 4 follow-up/training sessions.  Please inquire separately about this option*

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call to start the application process for the 4 month or 6 month option.


Akashic Records Reading & Intention Setting

We will spend some time getting clear on intentions and goals for working together.  Client will be able to ask 10-12 questions of their Akashic Records.  4 should be health related.  There is a list of example questions or you can ask anything.  More details here


Human Design and HD Health System

Learn the foundation of your Human Design chart:  Defined and open centers and what that means for your energetics (how you handle stress, how you communicate, process info etc), authority which shows your intuition and decision making, profile line which shows how to use innate energy and your role, incarnation cross which gives your life purpose, and health variables for digestion, environment, schedule, information and manifestation. Client will receive a written summary via email.


Astrology Natal Chart

Review of your fixed birth chart.  Signs, planets and houses at the time and place of your birth.  We will look at themes, how this can help to understanding your health, healing and purpose.  This will also give you information related to money, relationships, gifts, career and more.



Opportunity for questions after reviewing any of the above information.  This information is dense.  I review my own frequently as there is always another layer to discover or embody.  We can troubleshoot things that might be harder to understand or incorporate.  This is also an opportunity for accountability, working through and processing inner work, and reflection on shifts after making changes via any of the above modalities.


Energy Medicine and Akashic Records

This will be another opportunity to ask the Akashic Records questions and receive guidance. While the records are open, you will receive distance energy medicine.  This entails a chakra assessment- understanding the energy of each chakra in real time, an energy clearing or balancing of each chakra as well as personalized practices for you to do on your own to keep energy balanced.  You will also receive your own personalized practice to protect your energy.


Follow-up #2 and exit plan

Opportunity for follow-up as described above.  This will also be an opportunity for an exit plan where further work on your own will be provided.

Questions?  Contact me at Erin@uniquewellnesscodes.com

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