How do I know if I should work with you?

I work with individuals who are looking to optimize their health or to rebalance a health issue.  Most of my clientele knows they do not feel their best and they are motivated to get to the root cause of why.


To ensure we are a good fit, I do a 20 minute free call or zoom.I also post helpful content, videos and stories on my Instagram @uniquewellnesscodes.You can get to know my style and philosophies there.


What are some reasons why people seek out nutrigenomics or genetic testing?

Some people are purely curious to take their health to the next level.  Some are curious about started a different diet plan or way of eating.  Any client that is undergoing an Integrative Health Work-up needs to have this to ensure they are eating the best for their genetics and taking the proper supplements.


What can nutrigenomics testing tell you? 

This can tell you how you a predisposed to break down macros- fats, carbs, protein.  It can also tell you if you process grains well and if you are sensitive to sugar, lactose, caffeine and alcohol.  So essentially, you get a good idea of the best type of diet plan for you.


It can also tell you how you metabolize vitamins and minerals and if there are any deficiencies how to support that with foods and supplements.


The test looks at how you process hormones, neurotransmitters and detox among other things.  It also tells you ways to balance out and variants or deficiencies. 


Basically, you learn how your body works and how to optimize your overall health.


What is Integrative Health?

Integrative Health looks at the whole person and focuses on the root cause of any imbalance or dis-ease and rebalances with a holistic approach.


This includes using functional tests to look for the root causes of imbalances related to hormones, digestions, toxins, and vitamin and mineral metabolism issues.  There are specific protocols with food, supplements and lifestyle to help to rebalance the body.


How long does it take to feel better?

Everyone is very unique and the time to feel better depends on how much is imbalanced and how much a person can dedicate to protocols and lifestyle changes.  In general, protocols are 12-16 weeks and people feel much better at that point.  Some take longer.  If you are feeling 10% better every month that is a win.  Remember it didn’t take only a few weeks to get to not feeling good.  This process may seem long, but it is effective in the long term.


What are the most common reasons people see you?

Fatigue, weight gain, painful periods, PMS, acne, and digestive issues.


What tests can you order?

Genetic testing, Thyroid Adrenal Hormone Panel, Organic Acids Test (OAT), Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Food Sensitivity Testing, Stool Testing, Omega 3 testing.

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