1. Do you take insurance? ​​No.  Most preventive testing and health care is not covered by insurance.  You might be able to use your HSA for lab testing, but please check with your carrier.

  2. What is nutrigenomic testing?  Please see the page named Nutrigenomics under "Offering Information". There is an explanation and selected videos.  I have many posts about single genes or groups of genes on my instagram as well as many videos and saved stories.

  3. How do I order genetic testing?  After we meet for an initial consult, I provide this information to you.  I've had too many people order the testing with my name as their practitioner and then never scheduled an appointment.  For legal and ethical reasons, I cannot access your results not do I want them in my portal if you are not a client.

  4. What does Nutrigenomic testing cost?  $299 for the testing.  Pretty amazing for something you have to do once and have personalized information forever!

  5. How does this differ from 23andme and Ancestry?  Both of those labs are not Nutrigenomic labs nor do they report on useful health information.  The lab I use is a specialty nutrigenomics lab where scientists interpret the raw data with clinical meaning.  They also look at 100 pertinent genes realted to health and nutrition.  The lab I use also does not sell data and keeps your information secure and private. See more under the Nutrigenomics tab.  There is also a video where I discuss this.

  6. Why do you not accept other lab's genetic testing?  It is not up to the quality and standards I need to help somebody with their health.  Even if I wanted to use data from another lab, it would take hours for me to interpret and many pertinent genes would not be on there.  After working in Genetics for 15 years and working in a very reputable commercial lab for 3 years, I have deep knowledge on what a good test looks like.  The lab I use has high standards and integrity.  They also update results for free when new information and genes become available.  You can go to my instagram under saved stories about genetic integrity to learn more.

  7. Where do I find my Human Design Chart?  Please see the page on Human Design under "Offering Information".

  8. How can Astrology help with my health?  Please see the page on Astrology under "Offering Information"

  9. Do you teach how to read the Akashic Records?  Yes, I have and I can.  You should have a few readings and a spiritual practice.  I do not advertise this, but if you are curious, please reach out.

  10. Can you order functional labs?  I could, but I no longer offer this service.  If after working for a few months with me on your genetics you are still not feeling great, it is something to consider. However, I have found that Akashic records, my intuition and overall stress reduction techniques can replace labs and make protocols much more personalized. I have a great colleague I work with who orders labs and is great with digestive, hormonal and other protocols that I can refer clients to.  You are also welcome to work with other practitioners.

  11. Can you work with my doctor or practitioner?  Yes, I am happy to do so.  I've worked in across almost every medical speciality (and at top institutions) in my career and have great rapport with physicians- especially in complex cases.  Essentially, I can speak their language and I easily understand many complex conditions. If needed, I am happy to communicate with your primary doctor, specialist or holistic health provider.

  12. I am a practitioner- can I refer patients to you for genetics and energy work? Absolutely.  If a client is already established with health coaching, holistic health or functional medicine, I am happy to fill in the gaps of that care with genetics and metaphysical work.   Please reach out so we can discuss.

  13. Why do you only offer packages and long-term coaching?  The level of work, commitment and service. Change does not happen from one appointment.  This information is what you need to learn and embody to show up your healthiest and happiest for life.  Hearing it once does not do much.  I go back to my blueprint often and always find new layers.  The quickest way to change is to have someone hold you accountable and help shift your mindset so that you can embody new principles and make your health effortless.  4 or 6 month coaching offers a lot of TLC and guided deep work.  

  14. Do you make personalized meal plans?  No.  My work is to guide you to understand yourself and to be able to embody your genetic diet and do things on your own.  I do post my recipes in instagram in my stories.  I will have some recipes eventually.  However, everyone is so different, there is no way I could ever make meal plans specific for someone's genetics, tastes, preferences and budgets.  

  15. Do you offer discovery calls?  Only for clients interested in 4-6 months deep 1:1 work.   If you still have questions after reading all the material on the website and following me on instagram and subscribing to my email list- feel free to reach out with specific concerns or questions and we can schedule a discovery call.

  16. Do you offer payment plans?  Only for programs or packages.  You will find the information in that section.  I'm open to discussing different options for payments.  6 mont programs require a deposit.

  17. What if I cannot afford your services?  Holistic health and inner work is an investment.  What I offer is efficient and a tremendous value because it gets to the root and you can stop trying different things and guessing.  You will also know how to manage and optimize your health forever. There is nothing else quite like my long term programs.  If you are not comfortable with paying for programs or putting a program on a credit card or saving up- you are welcome to consume my free content.  I post and story every day on instagram.  You can learn the information just by paying attention to that.  Membership and courses at a lower cost are in development.  However,  there is not a way around spending less than the cost of the genetic test and my interpretation.

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