Human Design

Human Design is a system that shows your unique energy and essence that you were born with.  This is a framework to understand yourself and gives you permission to be yourself.

In order for me to truly help someone, I need to understand them at a deeper level.  By understanding your human design type and components of your chart, we can uncover where you might be wasting energy by forcing things and/or going against your natural tendencies.  This is very important as it related to health.  Many people with health issues are often stressed out, burnt out and over-extending themselves because they are not using their energy properly.  This system gives you the tools to work smarter, not harder.  It's like giving you all of the shortcuts to living a happier, healthier life.


This system also empowers you to understand yourself, your uniqueness and in turn helps you to understand others on a much deeper level.  This can help improve partnerships, friendships, business relationships, family dynamics and more.  Understanding yourself and others automatically removes miscommunication and confusion and leads to much more peaceful existence.  This system has helped myself and numerous clients with their physical health but also with relationships, starting a business, moving and other major life events.

Our physical health is related and deeply ties into mental health, emotional health and spiritual health.  The Human Design system takes a 360 approach to looking at your personalized energy, natural gifts, health system and more.  Utilizing and embodying this system collapses times and reduces stress of  decision fatigue and questioning your choices.  

 Human Design Chart Reading includes:

  • Understanding of your type. There are 5 types in the HD system and knowing your type is a big picture view into your overall energy.  Each type has a specific strategy of how to use energy and interact with other's energies.

  • Knowing your authority.  This is where your true intuition and decision making lies. Many people have been conditioned to make logical decision with their head/mind but this aspect of your chart shows you how you actually make aligned decisions and how to tune into your intuition.

  • Understanding your profile line.  This shows what your life is all about and how you strategically use energy.

  • Diving into your defined centers and open centers and understanding what this means individually and combined.  There are 9 centers in HD and defined centers show where we have consistent energy and the open centers show we we can take on outside energy.  The centers can also show your energetic strengths and where you need to protect your energy.

  • Learning about your incarnation cross.  This is essentially your life's purpose.

  • Understanding the HD health system through your personal digestion, environment and how you take in and process information

Human Design is mostly utilized and best absorbed in the context of my programs and packages.  It works in conjunction with and compliments information from Nutrigenomics testing and coaching, Astrology and Akashic Records

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you can look up your own chart at  You will need your exact birth time and birthplace. This is a complex system and it is best to invest in an unbiased reading to start.  There are many other HD readers, coaches, courses as well. I've included an HD video below and some quotes from clients after learning this.  I've also written multiple blogs  regarding how this helped my health, business and how I use this system in conjunction with Natal Chart Astrology. 

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