Nutrigenomic Testing

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny.

There's a common misconception that if a disease, condition or trait runs in your family, then you are also bound to get it.  Only 5% of diseases are inherited or genetic and most of the time they manifest at birth or in childhood. ⁣

Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and almost anything else you can think of has a very small genetic component(s) that can actually be tweaked by lifestyle changes and nutrition support. ⁣

The genes you are born with never change. ⁣However, your lifestyle and nutrition can alter how genes are expressed.

Not every gene variant is expressed or will lead to symptoms or disease. ⁣Knowing where you have deficiencies and supporting them through lifestyle and nutrition can counteract the effects of unfavorable variants. ⁣Many genes work together so it is important to get a whole picture and not just focus on a few things. ⁣

Remember, lifestyle habits run in families more than disease runs in families. You can change the course of your health even if generations before you suffered. ⁣This information allows you to take control of your health and feel great!

Nutrigenomics looks at how your unique genetic code can affect how you respond to foods, vitamins, minerals. It also looks at how your metabolism functions, how you process hormones, neurotransmitters, and detox among other things.⁣⁣


Epigenetics is the study of gene modification through tweaking environment. ⁣⁣
Once you learn your unique wellness code, you can learn to work with your body instead of against it. ⁣⁣
With so much conflicting information out there about diet, exercise, detoxes, fasting, etc., this is the quickest way to figure out what is best for YOU. ⁣There's no need to do all the health and wellness "things"- only the things that are right for you.

The Testing and Results Process

The best thing about this test is it's something you only have to do once in your life.  Your genes do not change so the information you receive is your health blueprint for life.

Once you are an established client, I will provide the information for the only laboratory I trust for Nutrigenomic testing (video below for more details on why choosing a lab is so important.  This is also addressed in FAQs.  

The test in mailed to you and you can gather DNA via a cheek swab in the comfort of your own home.  There is a prepaid shipping envelope for you to send to the laboratory.  In 3-5 weeks your results will be available for review.

This testing looks at approximately 100 genes and is incredibly comprehensive.  Results are updated by lab when they have new genes or information at no charge.  This is unprecedented in the lab space.  The initial report is over 100 pages.  I comb through and analyze that and find trends and create a plan for you.  We review the entire report in 90 minutes, but come back to it during follow-up sessions.

Due to the complexity of this information, 1:1 guidance is needed  to implement these changes over time.  My internal data shows that clients that get results through a one time appointment implement less than 50% of suggestions from their results.  When I work with long-term health clients, we revisit, discuss and tweak results over time.  When I first  received my results I took steps everyday to eat my genetic diet (which was drastically different than what I was doing under the guidance of my functional medicine doctor), then I added in the exercise, supplements, and other lifestyle techniques.  Over time, I embodied these results and now health is effortless for me.  There is more to lasting health than just hearing these results one time.  The change happens through consistent work, understanding yourself through other modalities, and working through limiting beliefs and blocks that might be keeping you stuck in habits or repeating patterns.  


For more information on details see Health Blueprint and/or Nutrigenomics Mini

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