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Two years ago, I found myself unhappy and unsure how to make a change. I was working for a great tech company, making great money, traveling, staying in 5-star hotels, dining at the best restaurants and expensing it all. I was fortunate to advance my career and skill set in a short amount of time and was making double what most people with my degree were making. It was great for a while and then being on a plane every other week was really starting to affect my health and relationships.

In November of 2017 I first learned about Human Design and was shocked to learn I was Projector. Because I am an Aries and Pitta, I just assumed I could just power through life and work 60 hours a week. It was around this time that I also first heard of Manifestation and subconscious work. I started to be drawn to Kundalini, the moon and Astrology. I slowly started functioning more as a Projector and really tuning into resting, waiting for the invitation and delegating work and being as much of a guide as possible.

December 31, 2017 I couldn’t make it to New Year’s Eve with my yoga friends at a studio in Pittsburgh because of snow. I ended up getting Chinese takeout and my fortune was “study the metaphysical, you will find much to appreciate”. Who gets that as a fortune? This was a major sign. I ate my Chinese food, smudged my apartment and January 1, 2018 really started my spiritual journey. I started Lacy Phillips Manifestation work and made my lists. One of the things was to have a career more in Holistic Wellness. I had no idea how I would do this, and I actually had no plans to leave my lucrative job in biotech. This seemed like a far-off dream. I found expanders who had left corporate jobs and transitioned into wellness entrepreneurs. I started to save a little bit of money, but honestly the most I was thinking at the time was what Lacy calls a “bridge job”.

My free time was consumed with all kinds of spiritual podcasts and I practiced yoga and kundalini a lot. I meditated every single day. In January 2018 I went on a yoga and Reiki retreat in Palm Desert. There it became clear how unhappy I was. We did a meditation where we went through the previous year and month by month visualized what brought us joy each month. Most of the months, all I could think of was work. It was a big wakeup call about how I was living my life. I did a workshop with a Shaman and learned about Chakras and how most of mine were really imbalanced. I bought a clear quartz crystal there (my first of many) and when I did a mediation and set an intention for it, the lights in the hotel room flickered.

I started following the phases of the moon. On a work trip in SF, instead of going out with people, I did a full moon ritual in my Airbnb and got up at 4AM to see to the blood moon eclipse. I was deep into Reparenting and Shadow work. I started traveling with crystals and Palo Santo and getting Airbnb’s where I could take salt baths, eat healthy and go to kundalini and other spiritual events whenever I went to LA or SF. I went to this one full moon event at Ceremony Meditation in April 2018 in LA and a Shaman told me how sensitive to energy I was, and I should start using those gifts. After that I flew to SF to do my favorite event that I ran, and I had no interest or resonance in even that. I was on total autopilot instead of engaging. Overall, there was so much work drama and I was saying no to so many things that I didn’t want to do. I thought if I moved back to LA, I would at least be happy in my romantic and social life even if I hated my job. I decided to let my lease in Pittsburgh go, sell my stuff and live with my mom for the summer instead of flying back and forth for so many family events and when I had a full personal and work travel schedule.

In May 2018, I went to Montreal to present and run an event at a conference. I could not care less about talking about cancer genetics. It was so uninteresting to me. A few weeks later, my company had a major restructuring and my particular division was dissolved. I was offered the choice of two other positions or a severance. I immediately took the severance without even thinking about it. I was so relieved to be gifted that option. I probably would have never left on my own, even though I was aware it was not in alignment. I believe the universe gifted me that. It made no sense. I was a top performing employee and many people were shocked when I left. So many people were upset and cried. My thought was peace out!

I truly thought that I would take the summer off, do my planned travel and then some, relax, have some family gatherings and then look for another health tech job. I did relax. I went to yoga, took walks, went swimming, played with my cousins, kids. I rested so much. That summer Mars was in Retrograde for a few months and it was the first time I started to pay attention to transits and the first time I actually rested. By the time Labor Day came around and I was applying to other jobs, it just did not feel right.

I scheduled a Human Design reading and learned a lot more about being a Projector and how to utilize my energy. I did another reading focused on health. At the time these two readings cost $100 combined which was before HD really became big. I am so grateful that I snagged two talented readers in the beginning of their careers. I also had a career related natal chart reading where I learned that I am meant to merge science and spirituality and my opinions might not necessarily be popular, but they are what people need to hear. That was when I really started thinking about starting my own thing.

One of my HD readers was also a health coach and life coach and I decided to work with him 1:1 for 12 weeks. My health turned around, but we got into some deep emotional work that most therapists would take 10 years to get to. I learned how to get into my body, regulate stress, say no, rest, have a lot of awareness, and figure out how to start my business. My health and mindset totally shifted during this time frame. I decided to stop looking for corporate jobs and take more time off to do a yoga teacher training and functional medicine training. My favorite teacher kept asking me to join his teacher training, but I thought I was moving to LA and getting a job in health tech. I actually joined on the second weekend and decided to stay in Pittsburgh through March.

During yoga teacher training, I quickly discovered two things. One- what it feels like to be in flow state and channeling. Two- I could feel major energy in my hands and body. This led me to do a Reiki certification as well. During a mediation, I envisioned what tattoos I wanted. I had wanted tattoos since I was in high school but could never decide on exactly what I wanted or where I wanted them: An Aries symbol on my right front rib and sun on my back-right side and a Pisces symbol on my left front rib and moon on my back-left side. Learning my moon sign was pivotal in my personal, emotional and spiritual growth. So much of my life had been spent in masculine aggressive doing energy and my Pisces Moon was a reminder to get more into intuition, flow and femininity. The tattoo would symbolize balancing masculine and feminine energies, science and spirituality, drive and intuition. I always loved the sun and now I loved the moon. This tattoo was incredibly meaningful for me. I scheduled it for my 40th birthday.

In March of 2019, I finished yoga teacher training. I turned 40 at the end of the month. I went to LA to see friends. I also had another natal chart reading and got a lot of clarity around my business. Everywhere you looked, someone was saying the message “focus on one thing”, “have a niche”, but my chart was very clear that I can do whatever I want and whatever makes me happy and use every tool I’ve learned to help others. That really gave me licensing to do what I felt was correct for me despite being mansplained otherwise by my business coach at the time. That trip to LA also showed me that I didn’t want to move to LA anymore. It was no longer in alignment.

I knew I did not want to stay in Pittsburgh. I always wanted to leave there even as teenager. I wanted somewhere that appreciated and embodied wellness- meaning there was easily healthy and allergy free food, lots of outdoor exercise, yoga and spirituality. I also wanted decent weather. Not humid (hello, I’m Pitta) and not dreary. I had been intuitively drawn to Colorado for three years. I have friends in Denver, but that didn’t feel right. I knew one person in Boulder. I had never been there, but it felt good.

During a kundalini challenge, I asked for a sign that it was the right decision to move to Boulder. I was at home and wasn’t planning on leaving for the day. The first thing that popped into my mind was a peacock. I said, “show me a peacock of I am supposed to move to Boulder”. Minutes later, a person with the last name of Peacock started following me on Instagram. I am still a skeptic, so I need more than one “coincidence” to consider something a sign. Two days later I stopped to get a green juice on my way to yoga and then didn’t want any of the ones they had. On my way back to my car, I walked into this bookstore and in the front was a bunch of peacock ceramics and over 100 peacock feathers. I laughed and started looking for a sublet in Boulder. I came across a great month to month situation and moved a month and half later.

I looked at my astrocartography after I had already decided. My Pluto/IC line is right through Pittsburgh. Talk about a rough energy to be born on and grow up on. No wonder I always wanted to leave the area even as an adolescent. It was a strange turn of events that brought me back there and it was definitely for a reason. This line is dark, but also transformative if you lean into the inner work, dissolving family programming, traumatic blocks. Essentially, if you do the work, negative patterns can also be released. This was true for my last year in Pittsburgh. As much as I dislike that city, I needed to go back to move forward. When I looked at Boulder, I have a Jupiter line right through Boulder which brings luck, success and good fortune. I also have a Pluto ascending line here. This is a lot of power and energy for transformation for myself and others. It is prime opportunity to work on shadow and abandon old patterns and ways of thinking. I’m also near both Mercury and Moon lines which helps with communication and relationships as well a new career and youthful enthusiasm.

Boulder has definitely been all of that and more. The mountains also provide a lot of intense energy and it’s no coincidence that the highest concentration of healers and spirituality reside or get their start here. I feel so supported by nature and community. As someone who was used to traveling 50K miles in the air times and escapism, I haven’t wanted to leave this area in almost 6 months.

After much resistance, I had an Akashic records reading and my world opened up. Tapping into my guides, loved ones and masters and teachers has collapsed time and has given me so many answers and reassurance. Knowing how truly supported I am has allowed me to let go of a lot of things I was grasping onto and really trust that everything is working out.

The focus of my business has rapidly changed (that’s a different blog soon) because I can see how these tools can help people so much and I want people to also use the energies that are available to them to live a more effortless life.

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