Love, Money and the Health Connection

If you don’t already know- love and money are very related. When people think about what they want in life it’s almost always both of these. People want true love with a partner. People want more money. These are the most challenging things to manifest because they require the most inner work. I think it’s safe to say most people have programming around both money and love. This comes from how you were raised, the beliefs of those raising you, where you went to school, society programming and more.

Most of this is programming and/or happened in childhood and is stuck in the subconscious and takes some work to rewire and have healthy relationships with a romantic partner and with money. There’s often a lot of beliefs to rewire and the fastest way is to get to the root of that belief- figure out where it came from and how it has impacted multiple facets of life, and then release it and reprogram it. It’s not enough to just wish for love or more money- it takes some serious untangling and is a process.

When I open and read someone’s Akashic Records, and they ask about their biggest block, most of the time it is around money mindset. The majority of the time it is about living in lack and scarcity. Even more specifically, it is about the fear and avoidance of spending money to actually invest in themselves.

I’ve done some (ok a lot) of work around this. I’m still not perfect and often fall back into programmed patterns of lack and scarcity. It’s ironic that a money issue came to head for me in February- the month of love.

February has been a month a self-love and self-care for me. It has been an eye-opening experience. I preach about self-care, but actually doing a challenge around this made me realize that perhaps I was not caring for myself to the best of my ability. February also got me thinking about what I value. Knowing my values and what I value makes my decisions so much quicker and easier. Anything that aligns with my values is a YES and other things are usually an automatic no or require more thought.

As you know by now, I value my health and well-being above anything else. I've also done a lot of work around understanding my energy, my genetics, and mindset work around limiting beliefs and money. To be honest, money mindset has been the easiest thing to work through because I had such a poor money blueprint growing up, that was something I decided early on that I was changing in my adulthood. You can learn more about that here and my thoughts on money and investing in yourself. (Spoiler alert- I wholeheartedly believe in investing in yourself and not being scarce or hoarding money)

Even with all this work, I am not perfect in this arena. Last week, I had something come up and noticed some limiting beliefs and weirdness in my money mindset. I recently joined ClassPass (a service in most cities where you can try out different gyms and fitness classes at different locations without committing to a membership) to try different studios in my quest of 1. finding a decent yoga studio and 2. finding other exercise I enjoyed. Ironically, the yoga in Boulder in watered down (IMHO) and I'm trained in and like to take Baptiste Vinyasa most of the time. I also have been feeling the need to move around much more energy recently. The 4th studio I tried was amazing. They had the exact yoga I liked plus other fun movement I enjoy like barre, dance, and cycling. The space was nice, the owner is so friendly and it seems like a great community. It felt perfect.

Except the price tag made me hesitate. It's a little over what I want to spend on a gym right now, but not any different from what I spent in any other city the last 5-7 years. This mindset was a really funky place for me to be and it got me thinking about why this price tag was an issue for me.

Some was fear and scarcity. As a business owner, I don't have a consistent income and I definitely do not have the disposable income I've had for the last 10 years. So naturally I am more careful where I put my money and still have a slight worry that I won't have enough money. This is living in scarcity and fear and I know better.

I reframed some of this and looked at what is was costing me not to have a space where I loved to work out. I exercise in some capacity almost every day. I have spent the better part of the last 4 months barely exercising. Not having a studio was really limiting me. I wasn't exercising because no studios felt fun and worthwhile to go to. I was spending a lot of energy trying yoga studio after yoga studio.

I also looked at my values. My health and wellbeing is my number one value. I know I have to move my body all the time. Not to lose weight, but to move energy. In Human Design, I have a defined root and spleen plus a defined head and anja. I HAVE to move energy and in a way that gets me out of my head and into my body. I'm an Aries and so I am naturally athletic and get bored easily. I love a variety in my workouts. I'm a Leo rising, so I am drawn to things with a good aesthetic. This space is so pretty and a little bougie. It's so clean and organized (hi Virgo north node that I am leaning into). Somehow it also hits mindfulness and spirituality as well so my all my Pisces things are satisfied. The most important thing is I FEEL SO GOOD there. My spleen says hell yes! every time I am there.

In addition to all of this, the gym has INCREDIBLE VALUE. Yes, it's $150 a month. But the classes are taught by top notch instructors with equipment that is brand new. They have tons of member events and community building. It's probably somewhere we I can teach and attract clients. They have these incredible massage chairs that are free and will replace my need for expensive massages(which I have been forgoing), free coffee and tea, infared sauna and a locker room with lockers, rain showers, and fancy products.

So, while it's "pricey", it's definitely worth the investment for me. It meets my #1 value and more. I was pretty decided I was going to join, and then they sent me a promotion to only pay $50 in March. Of course I checked in with the Akashic Records and they told me that this gym would energize me and investing in myself and constantly stretching what I think is possible money wise with create more abundance and financial stability for me.

I felt like this was a teachable moment for a few reasons:

1. Having a deal to join the gym was what really moved the needle that last hair to join. So, if you've been interested and on the fence about genetic testing for your health and/or getting an Akashic record reading, maybe knowing that there's bonuses for my offerings through March 24, 2020 might move the needle for you.

2. It got me thinking about value. How I can add more value for my clients and how I can create a wellness experience that you really just cannot get elsewhere. So even though prices are increasing, value is really increasing in what is included. Most things in health and wellness are siloed and piecemeal. I can combine all the science with spirituality and metaphysics and you rarely have to go anywhere else.

3. Working through this and writing it out helped me to show you how I use the tools that I teach in a moment of indecision. Knowing how to work with your blueprint (genetics, astrology, human design) and energy and notice how you feel in a situation gives you the baseline of what works for you and when it feels right to say yes.

The sign on the wall in the lobby of this gym says it all:



In my opinion, there’s always a way to find the money if you want something. As a completely broke college student, at age 19 I was able to make $1500 in two months because I really wanted to go to Cancun for Spring Break. I did temp jobs and a medical study. That was the quickest and easiest way to make money. But, I’ve always been resourceful. When I first got really sick, I thought about moving home so I could work with a doctor who charged $2500 cash a month. Working in tech, I could have afforded that if I just cut back on some lifestyle stuff as well. I found a more reasonably priced functional medicine doctor, but they didn’t help me at all and actually made me worse. When I left my job in tech, I paid for yoga teacher training, integrative health training, and life coaching with my unemployment. I had zero intention of getting a job anytime soon and I invested in myself not knowing when I would have an income again.

So when people say they don’t have money for something, I have a really hard time sympathizing. There’s always a way. I don’t suggest getting into credit card debt, but sometimes you need your credit card to invest. Sometimes you need a loan. Was I never going to go to college because I didn’t have cash and because my parents couldn’t afford it? NO, My education was a steep price tag. My undergrad and grad school amounted to 90K in student loan debt. At the end of my medical career, I was making 5X what I would be making without grad school. So that 25K I spent on grad school paid itself off quickly.

If I want to go on a yoga retreat, I put it on a credit card and pay it off over a few months. There’s nothing wrong with this. Most people don’t have $1500 laying around to drop in a day. But there are ways to get what you want and need. I remember telling my life coach that I was so adamant about starting my own business and not going back to corporate medical, that I would work at Whole Foods for extra money if I had to.

A dear friend and mentor just wrote a blog post about investing 10K that she did not have into a money mentor. A few months after investing in this and putting in on a credit card, she was making 15K/month. She just had a 50K month. That 10K was not only easy to pay back but the ROI (return on investment) was clearly exponential. If she never invested in that, she would still be stuck in her business. Now she is living in full abundance and teaching people how to do the same.

When I got really sick, there was no option of me staying sick. I had digestive issues, severe hormone issues that honestly were going to land me with breast or uterine cancer in a few years if I didn’t fix it. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t get out of bed most days.

What I learned through the functional medicine process is you often don’t need it. I didn’t need half the supplements they were giving me and in reality I couldn’t process them. I couldn’t process the high fat paleo diet they were telling me would fix my hormones. I couldn’t handle the stressful lifestyle that I was living but none of my doctors seemed to care about that. I could have saved close to 10K in out of pocket functional medicine fees and buying supplements by just doing $299 genetic testing. Talk about value. This test you so much about your health and is truly personalized. It takes the guessing out of everything and therefore will get you results much quicker. Working with someone who knows how to interpret and distill all of this complicated info is priceless. Otherwise, most people will never be able to connect all the dots and fully understand it.

It’s the weirdest thing when people message me month after month complaining about their health, their weight, their energy. I offer them the option of testing and they either want to try other things first or don’t want to shell out the money. The minimum commitment for so much valuable information is $743. If someone can’t figure out a way to get that money in a few months, they don’t want to get better. Tough love, but 1000% true. I’ve had people messaging me for 9 months now saying they want to do the genetic testing and wish they could afford it. If they saved $3 a day since they first contacted me, they could have paid for this testing, expert analysis and plan. I’ve offered things for free or at a very low cost and people still didn’t take me up on my services.

It’s not about the money. It’s what you value. It’s your drive and resourcefulness to get what you want. It’s coming out of victim mode and empowering yourself. It all comes back to loving yourself enough to be happy and healthy and invest in your well-being.


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