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Updated: Aug 16

Obviously I think it is super important to understand your blueprint and energy through human design, astrology and your life experiences- but it is almost as important to understand another person's blueprint. You can see where you may be compatible or conflicting. You can learn to have more compassion for people once you understand them on a deep level. People can understand you better when they can see how your energy operates. This comes in handy in romantic partnerships, friendships and even business relationships.

Sometimes people just do not jive with each other. That's ok. That is actually normal. When you are living authentically, you will not be for everyone. There's that saying- "if you want to make everyone happy- go sell ice cream". Maybe that resonates with you- but I don't love ice cream (and it's not just that genetically I don't process dairy), so maybe if that saying said sell french fries- I would be on board. Anyway- point being- you will not be compatible with everyone. The more you understand yourself, the more you can discern who you will mesh with.

I know first hand how important is is to mesh with a coach or mentor. I've had some great ones that I not only jived with but were fully able to see me and I've had some not so great ones who hadn't done inner work and perhaps cosmically were not a good match. I've had this happen with clients as well. I've declined working with more clients than I have accepted to work with. Coaching and especially the personalized work I do with people is deep and it has to be a good match.

If you follow me on social media or know me in any capacity, you know my personality and how I work. If you don't, I am going to cosmically profile myself here.

1. I’m a Projector in Human Design. I am best as a guide. I can master systems. I can see deeply into people and solve problems very easily. I cannot work the traditional 40 hour work week so I find more efficient ways to get work done. Play and rest are very important to me. This is something I will never again sacrifice.

My profile line is 1/3. Essentially that means I learn through trial and error and go through hard things, teach myself the solution and then teach it to other people. I've done all the work I teach and talk about on a deep level. I went through periods of pain where nothing worked- even when I was with the best doctors. I had to figure it out on my own- but now I teach others the HOW. In my life and business, I just try things. I get feedback from a situation and I adjust. This means my offerings will change often. My business is completely different than where it was a year ago.

I have a defined anja and head. My mind is super sharp and I learn things easily. My thoughts are my own. I have an open throat. I have inconsistent access to communication. I feel this all the time. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I like long videos, sometimes short captions, sometimes blogs. I can however, speak in a many ways that can reach different people. I have a defined root, so that gives me more energy that the average Projector. I'm super grounded and not easily phased by stress. I can hold space like no other for people who are. My spleen is defined and my authority is splenic. My decisions and intuition are primal. Mostly in the moment. I feel like people describe the spleen as this soft inner knowing. I feel like that's the beginning sensation of the spleen. My spleen is often loud especially when something seems to not make much logical sense.

I also have the right angle cross of incarnation. Essentially, my purpose is to be guide, but to show people how to do things on their own. I figure out a simpler way of doing things and then show people how to figure things out on their own. Yep- nailing this one. I cannot do this work for people- but I can show you all the ways and tools to discover it on your own.

I take in information in a strategic way. I can see patterns and understand logic. A very direct way of learning. I also need to be on a schedule and routine of some sort. I have figured out what days and times are best for exercise, working, energy work, downtime etc. I'm a non-specific manifestor so I am really into feeling the feelings when envisioning the future.

2. I’m Aries Sun. I have a fiery energy, know a lot about a lot of things and I am very passionate. My Aries energy is strong and for a while I was dimming it while trying to do all the Projector things. However- we are not just one thing. All of this stuff combined is what makes a person authentic. I'm direct and can see through BS and excuses. If you are scared of that- you will not like working with me.

3. I’m a Pisces Moon. I am deeply intuitive, emotional and empathetic. I have many spiritual gifts. It was seamless for me to "learn" Reiki and the Akashic Records. All my Pisces placements are in the 8th house- which is why I love to go deep and get into the shadows. Surface level is not for me.

4. I’m a Leo rising. Outward appearance is important to me. So is my hair :-) I have a big heart and love to have fun. I've always been a good speaker and am more comfortable with the attention that this sign and placement brings.

5. My mercury is in Aries. My communication is short and to the point. See #2. I'm direct. I'm to the point. There's no way around this. I can soften, but I am not going to let people stay in victim mode while working with me.

6. My north node is in Virgo. Working in health is important. I am the type of person that people come to when other things have failed to get to the root of their problems. Learning systems and organization is important.

7. My Venus is in Aquarius. I can have unconventional relationships. I think most clients have found themselves a true friend in me. I've also had friends pay me in full for my services and work with me. I do what feels good and don't pay much attention to business rhetoric or power dynamics. I know I can get people results and I am open with my own story, struggles AND see my work as a partnership. I can see that everyone is different and I respect their uniqueness.

8. My Jupiter is in Cancer. I have luck when I can harness my emotions. Despite making fun of Cancer, emotional work has been the most transformative for me. Also- despite all my fire, I am a softy at heart with tons of compassion, empathy, understanding and pure love.

I try to embody all of these things and work with the collective astrology and cycles. Sometimes I am more in tune with one energy depending on the time of year and transits. I want to understand other's blueprints because that is the only way I can help them help themselves. This type of work won't resonate with everyone- but it will be life changing for those who are seeking something like this.


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