Wellness Confusion? Consider Nutrigenomic Testing.

There is so much diet, supplement, exercise and overall wellness information available.

Everything you read about “the best diet plan” is right. ⁣ ⁣ FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE! ⁣ ⁣ Everything you read about “the best diet” is wrong. ⁣ ⁣ FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE! ⁣

There are so many diet trends, workouts and supplements that claim to solve weight problems, energy issues, and many health issues. They are presented as a one size fits all solution and yet work for some people short term, fail many people and rarely help some people in the long term. Most people jump from trend to trend: vegan, keto, paleo, raw, carnivore, nightshade free, grain free, juicing, detoxing- without knowing how any of this will affect their body. Many people have a supplement graveyard from trying different supplements and not finishing them. Others workout every day and never get the results they want.

All of this information and trial and error is exhausting, confusing and can lead to a lot of frustration from not getting results, starting over, and not being able to figure out your own health.

Every person is unique and responds differently to food, supplements, and exercise for many reasons. Some of the response is dependent on environment, stress level, underlying imbalances and gut health.

However, everyone is born with a unique genetic code that dictates how their body functions. The genes you are born with never change. ⁣ However, your lifestyle and nutrition can alter how genes are expressed. ⁣Not every gene variant is expressed or will lead to symptoms or disease. ⁣ Remember, lifestyle habits run in families more than disease runs in families. You can change the course of your health even if generations before you suffered. ⁣ Only 5% of disease is actually inherited and has a significant likelihood of showing up.

You can now figure out this information through nutrigenomics testing. By getting a cheek swab, you can look at approximately 100 genes and learn about:


Once you know what your deficiencies are, you can support them through mostly nutrition and lifestyle changes. You will know exactly what supplements you need to support your unique body chemistry. It will be apparent what type of exercise and how often will work best for you. It will be clear what type of diet and nutrition works for you and what things you should limit or avoid. You will also learn about how susceptible you are to stress, immunity and detoxification issues and how to work with your body to support any genetic deficiencies.

You can spend years trying to figure out how to optimize your health through trial and error or you can take this one-time test and start working with your body and living your best life.

I was “prescribed” a high fat Paleo diet for my hormone issues. Instead of improving, each cycle was getting worse, I was gaining weight, cholesterol was going up and my inflammation markers were skyrocketing. Once I did nutrigenomic testing it was very clear that I could only process limited amounts of fat at a time, required little protein, but could process carbs and really needed a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. I had detox challenges, so I learned how to support them. I also learned how to support my stress response. Now my eating and overall health has become intuitive and effortless. I no longer worry about how to optimize my health because I have all the answers.

I have clients who have also figured out their diets and much more. One Italian client learned she cannot process grains or processed meats and obviously had been eating pasta and pepperoni her whole life. Another client got a lot of insight into the possible causes of her pregnancy loses. Someone else learned that they were prone to sports injuries and the most effective and least risky workouts for them. Another person figured out why they had compulsive eating habits and sugar cravings and how to get that under control by making a few small tweaks. Everyone I have worked with has found major benefit from this testing.

Utilizing this testing in my Integrative Health practice alongside functional labs has been a game changer. It allows me to truly personalize protocols to rebalance the body. It also makes this process more efficient as we are working with the body instead of against it. This testing is a great investment as it ends up saving people money as they are not wasting money on products or supplements they do not need. People can get results faster, optimize their health and then have a blueprint of how to support themselves for the rest of their lives.


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