Spiritual Toolbox

Cultivate your personalized spiritual practice

Having a regular spiritual practice will help you to understand yourself, remove blocks and increase attraction, collapse time, live a more effortless life, and generate happiness.  

You do not have to do all the spiritual practices all at once.   You can determine what your actually need and what will work best for you. 


This work combines Reiki, Energy work, and using your Akashic Records. We will determine where energy can be cleared in our session, exactly what the stuck energy means and how to continue to balance it after the session.  You will learn your unique and specific energy practices to do daily to keep energy balanced and in flow.  You will also learn what spiritual gifts you have and how to enhance them through specific spiritual practices and tools.

Once you have booked an appointment, I will send you a short questionnaire to quickly uncover where you may be struggling and what questions to ask your Akashic Records.  I will send you a summary with journal prompts and other work to do on a regular basis. Below is brief explanations of common spiritual practices. 

Learn how to make energy work with you and create some magic in your life.

Getting Clear

In order to make any change, the first step is getting clear.  Before our first appointment, you will take inventory of what is working and not working in your life.  Journal about your desires and why you want them.  With clarity, we will be able to focus on a specific set of tools to help you align with your desires.

Energy Assessement and Reiki

At the beginning of our visit, I will perform distance Reiki to tune into your energy, chakra energy and any messages that may come through from your guides.  Reiki is just using life force energy to bring the body and energy centers in to balance.  I will explain the Chakra system to you and have you feel into and note sensations.  This is a way to see where energy may be blocked and to rebalance it.

Meditation and Kundalini

Meditation is imperative for a spiritual practice.  There are so many different ways to meditate. I will also suggest personalized kundalini meditations and kriyas for your specific situation.  Kundalini is a form of yoga that is specific energetic work.  It is pure magic in my opinon

Manifestation and Law of Attraction

You co-create your reality.  Learn how to identify and clear subconscious blocks, take inspired actions, practice non-attachment, journal, speak things into existence, see to believe and believe to see.

Discovering Root Blocks

By asking a few questions prior to the appointment, we will determine core blocks that might be subconsciously affecting you.  This could be in money, relationships, health, family, career etc.  Specific strategies to work on these will be provided.

Human Design, Astrology, Astrocartography

Human Design is your unique blueprint and shows you how to best utilize your energy and show up in the world.  I will show you your energy type and explain what that means.  I will show you your chart and open and defined centers, profile, life strategy, and variables.  

Astrology is another blueprint.  By knowing certain aspects in your natal chart, you can learn how you are meant to communicate, have relationships, what career suits you best and more.  We'll focus on basics here and tailor the information to what you are hoping to learn and grow form.

Astrortography is the astrology of place.  There is a specific energy associated with different places for you .  We can determine if where you are living is supportive and how to best harness the energy of where you are located.

Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, Money Mindset Work

As a child, we are constantly taking in information and programming that then is stuck in our subconscious.  We all operate mostly from our subconscious mind and not a conscious state.  Our patterns are on a loop and not in our control.  That is why it is so hard to change.  We also have programming from family, society, the school system, media that makes us believe our authentic selves are less than.  This work introduces you to how to uncover what might have been programmed and how to re-program that so you can thrive.

Moon Magic

New Moons and Full Moons are a powerful time to harness energy, set intentions and release what is not longer serving us.  Learn how to work with this energy and be introduced to moon rituals.

Holistic Practices and Rituals

There are many ways to support yourself from certain foods and herbs to routines and rituals.  This is personalized to each situation.

Akashic Records

The Akashic records are a direct line to your soul. I am able to open others records and channel your guides, loved ones and teachers to answer questions for you and provide guidance. 

NOTE: this requires a separate 45 minute appointment. and I will send a list of example questions ahead of time with instructions.

Questions?  Contact me at Erin@uniquewellnesscodes.com

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