“I met Erin online through an acquaintance friend. I had been wanting to have “unconventional” testing done for years and despite my PCP saying my thyroid and other levels were good, I never felt great. I knew I could feel better and just needed to find the right provider that could be my guide to feeling GREAT, while knowing I had to invest in MY health  and DO the work. 


After having an initial consult with Erin, I knew she was the provider/person I had been searching for, for many years. I was ready to invest in my overall health, in all aspects, and her plan was honestly a god send. We started working together in the fall via Zoom and phone calls as I begin submitting several recommended genetic tests. She made it easy to review the test results together and then the REAL work began. 


Erin is so passionate for her job and clients. She is also compassion, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, provides information in “laments terms,”  resourceful, thoughtful, positive and provides an easy blueprint that is individual to YOU and your genes. But, she is much more than a wellness provider. She has become a friend of mine. She has opened up my mind and provided me with so many tools for living according to MY blueprint/genes with detoxes, recipes, exercise, job seeking tips, mental health, spirituality and so much more!  She is a phenomenal listener and really connects with you on an individual level. She truly cares about her clients and you can pick up on that in from the start.  Investing in her program and recommended testing is the BEST investment I have ever made for my overall health. No more guessing...how can anyone put a price on that?” 

Kristin D. age 41, Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Erin during a time of intense change in my life and it was hugely helpful! In moments when I felt scared she connected me with my MTLOs and helped me to move forward with confidence and grace.  The visions she channels are incredible to hear described and even more amazing when the visions come to fruition. Erin simply radiates joy--working with her is such a gift! 


"I have received SO much from my several Akashic readings with Erin. It is fascinating to see how many of the things she picked up on acutely aligned with my reality, and events that were soon to happen. Working with Erin has allowed me to surrender into deeper trust around the way things pan out in my reality, as well as take aligned action upon certain things that were waiting for my attention. I highly suggest you book in a session with her, you will not regret it. I will continue to work with Erin because each time I do, new insights and deeper clarity break through." 

Kelly R / 25 / Writer-Astrologer-Embodiment

“Meeting with Erin to have my Akashic records read was a very beautiful, soulful and serendipitous experience. My partner and I have recently been through a traumatic experience, and I knew I needed some spiritual guidance. Erin’s offer for a reading came at just the right time, completely out of the blue and provided meaningful insight and wisdom in my time of need. It seemed meant to be. I try to take everything with a grain of salt, but I couldn’t deny the profundity of her visions and words, especially the events that happened afterwards. Her vision of me walking hand in hand with my partner, skipping towards a bright light. I did not tell him about my experience in any detail, yet last night he took me by the hand and started skipping down the street randomly and saying so many things that were echoed the themes from my reading. It was strange and brought tears to my eyes. Erin was very compassionate and made my experience comfortable and special. She is genuine and truly, deeply cares for her clients. Thank you so much Erin, my faith in the divine and in the mystical, loving nature of the universe has been strengthened. Thank you!”

Kasey H  / Dietician

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