Unique Transitions

Making any change can be scary.  

Starting something new can be daunting. 

Shifting lifestyle can be overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

When you understand yourself and how to work with your unique energy, transitions and life become much more in flow.   


There's less pushing and forcing when you follow your own blueprint

instead of trying to follow someone else's plan.

Unpack key aspects of your Human Design, Astrology, and Soul Purpose

and be guided back to alignment.

Look at your baggage, programming, blocks and habits. 

Get to the root cause and reprogram. 


Shift your mindset.  Look for the lessons that brought you to where you are.  

In 12 weeks you will learn and embody your own unique blueprint and plan by:

  • Understanding your basic human design and astrology.

  • Understand and embody your nutrigenomics and make your diet and exercise second nature.

  • Identifying and working through limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back.

  • You will be able to tap into Akashic records and get advice, confirmation and see yourself clearly and better than you could imagine.

  • Learning the energy of where you live and how to best utilize that.

  • Getting clear on what you want and magnetizing that.

  • Tactical communication and business strategies unique to you.

  • How to set up a business with LLC, liability insurance, website creation, content creation, marketing, business strategy.

About working with me.  I have a specific style when working with people.  I am here to guide you to be your best and authentic self. I will not do the work for people.  You must be open and willing to do the work and take responsibility for yourself.  

Each session will be driven by intuition.   There is no plan other than I will use an arsenal of tools, principles and inner work to help you through this transition and show you how to embody these tools and come back to them whenever you need them. I'm a total rebel, so this will not be comparative to any other program out there. I truly believe that you can achieve anything you desire as long as you are living in alignment.  You likely cannot achieve that while following someone else's cookie cutter plan. As a Projector, I can easily see into people and can solve problems easily.  Deep soul guidance is provided by utilizing your Akashic records.  

My qualifications include 15+ years in the corporate world utilizing my background in counseling, medicine, holistic health, marketing, tech, business operations, energy work, spiritual work and more.  It is combining a lot of life experience and trial and error to keep coming back to the truth that life is easier when you work with your own energy and innate qualities.  It took me 2 years of experimentation (as well as a lot of money to coaches and mentors who didn't have to the tools to understand my uniqueness and energy) to learn and embody this and I'm passionate about guiding others through this process in a much shorter time frame.

This is a high touch and empathetic container that will be treated more like a partnership.  I want you to succeed and be happy.  

Unique Transitions Program is by application only.  If you are interested, reach out by email and I will send you a brief questionnaire.  Once that is sent back we will have a short call to determine if it is a fit.  


“Erin guided me to get clear on what I wanted in a new job and how I wanted to feel everyday.  I discovered how to work with my energy through human design and received insight through my Akashic Records.  In less than two months, opportunities are showing up for me”

KD, sales

This 12 week 1:1 program is for you if:

  • You are feeling stuck in career, location, overall life situation, health and/or finding your purpose.

  • You are looking to make a career change

  • You want to start a business.

  • You have a business, but it is not totally aligned.

  • You have tried multiple diets, exercise routines, supplements and want to know what is right for you.

  • You've worked with other "coaches" but only took away small pieces of there "advice".

  • You know deep down you are meant for a much happier and flowing life.

  • You are ready to be guided back to yourself.

  • You want a long term solution and not a quick fix.

  • You are ready to change, take aligned action and stop making excuses.

  • You can make time for 4 hours a week of self-work.

  • You like to be efficient and not waste time or money.

Questions?  Contact me at Erin@uniquewellnesscodes.com

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