Working in this capacity is unique.  It is unlike other coaching or programs.  It is first a foremost a partnership.  I guide you, hold you accountable, hold space for you, see patterns quickly and see how the energy is working for or against you.  Everything we work on is completely personalized to your unique energy, genetics, and current situation. The only blueprint you need to know is your own. Most coaching programs and advice rarely work fully because they are just broad strokes and not focusing on the individual uniqueness.  When you can learn, master and embody this- you can easily figure out anything in your life and uplevel. The ultimate goal is transformation.  Your part is to show up 100% and be guided to do the work that will benefit you the most.  Everyone is different in timelines and situations, but at a minimum, 4 hours a week on your own is required.

Nutrigenomics MIni

This is for you if you want to know what to eat, supplement and how to exercise based on your genetics.  If you want to cut through all the conflicting health opinions & trial and error and learn what works specifically for your body- this is the place to start

Health Blueprint

This is for you if you want to go all in on your health- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  This is also a good place to start if you already have dis-ease, weight issues, a diagnosis that you are looking to get to the root of in a holistic manner. This encompasses all things genetics- nutrigenomics, human design, astrology, akashic records and inner work.

Spiritual Blueprint

This is for you if your physical health is balanced and/or you have already had genetic testing and now want to focus on spiritual aspects of wellness.  This will show you your energetic blueprint and we will work with how to embody your human design, astrology while using akashic records,energy work and chakra balancing. 


6 month option to learn energy work, how to open and access Akashic records for yourself and others.

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